Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Student writing project and professional development workshop for teachers

The Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL) is currently planning a collaboration with the sister organisation UK Research & Practice in Adult Literacy (RaPAL) to launch a student stories project. The details are being finalized over the next few weeks. It is envisaged that students will be asked to write on the broad theme of ‘resilience’ and the stories will be uploaded onto a website that will be publicly accessible. We are hoping that many teachers in NSW will be encouraging their learners to contribute their stories.
The ACAL – RaPAL project will be formally launched in the second half of the year and story submissions are expected to close in mid December. To assist teachers’ planning to incorporate this project as part of their semester 2 activities, the NSW Council  held a briefing workshop on June 11 for teachers interested in participating, and to share some ideas and strategies for getting  students started on writing on this theme. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Seminar: Comics for Cause, Comics because...

Amanda Josling – Corrective Services NSW
Zoe Humphreys – Ability Links worker, St. Vincent de Paul

5.30 pm Thursday 30th April 2015
Room cb10.5.580
Building 10
University of Technology, Sydney
Jones St, Broadway

NSWALNC were invited to Supernova, a comics and graphic arts expo, by Comics for a Cause and Amanda and Zoe volunteered. They were both enthusiastic about the possibility of collecting comics & graphic novels for literacy students because they have both worked in a range of settings with people who have become disengaged from learning. Graphic texts provide a range of opportunities for reading, story-telling and understanding text construction. 

Zoe Humphreys and Amanda Josling volunteered to work with Comics for Cause, when the organisation approached the NSWALNC about their charity. They began to collaborate on the issue of using graphic texts as a means to engage disadvantaged and disengaged learners. They both have teaching histories that included some of the most socially disengaged people. They focus on approaching literacy from different perspectives and capture opportunities to engage with with learners where they are. 

Zoe currently works as a linker, supporting people with disabilities, their families and carers to access and participate in community opportunities for learning and engagement, Amanda currently teaches a legal literacy program for Corrective Services.